5 facts you should know about fuel tanks

April 27 2020
powiększony zbiornik paliwa do busa

Do you need an enlarged fuel tank, but do not know what to pay attention to?

Or maybe you are already familiar with the subject, but would like to learn something new? Here are 5 facts you should know about fuel tanks. For 27 years, our company has been dealing mainly with the production of fuel tanks for trucks and delivery vans. Thanks to this, in addition to high-quality products, we can provide you with a dose of expert knowledge resulting from experience.

  1. An enlarged fuel tank is often a necessity in buses and trucks

It is obvious, but not everyone knows that vehicles that have to travel even thousands of kilometers, whether on international or local routes, are almost 99% equipped with enlarged fuel tanks. This saves time and often on finances when we can fill up more fuel in a country with more favorable rates. Our company produces such tanks for the most famous car brands: Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, Iveco, Fiat, Citroen, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Scania, Daf.

  1. Material: hardened aluminum

Now it’s time for a technical curiosity. Aluminum is usually used for the production of enlarged tanks, and it is subjected to appropriate hardening processes. Why is the use of this particular material so important? Because it allows to minimize the weight of the product, and thus to keep the maximum load capacity of the car, to which the enlarged tanks are mounted. Durable and functional.

  1. Enlarged reservoirs are non-invasive.

It sounds a bit like a medical term, and if we consider our vehicle a patient, the analogy is right. When enlarged tanks are installed for our means of transport, it is important that they do not interfere with the original chassis. Why is it so important? Because we simply don’t want any part of our car to get damaged during assembly. Our company’s tanks are always installed in accordance with the original production assumptions in the place where the factory tank was located.

  1. From 80 to even 300 liters

This is the range of tank capacities offered by our company. Thanks to such great versatility, we can adapt to your needs. Even 80 liters is much more than what the factory tanks offer, not to mention the 300 liter tanks, the largest in our offer. We only require you to determine your liter capacity, and we will select the appropriate product.

  1. Certificates

Our company is committed to providing the best quality products, which is why we make every effort to ensure that the materials we use come from proven companies that have appropriate approvals and certificates. We also try to support the Polish economy and select the material of Polish production. In addition, the legality of our tanks is confirmed by the homologation certificate for the entire European Union. Therefore, when deciding on our products, you do not have to worry about their quality or legality.

We hope that thanks to us you have broadened your knowledge about fuel tanks and that when you decide to buy, you will have no doubts about which company to use.