4 signs your bus needs an enlarged tank

August 17 2020
powiększony zbiornik paliwa do busa

The natural course of things is a situation where, during a longer journey, you are forced to visit a petrol station from time to time to refuel. When we travel privately, in our own car, this is not a bigger problem. It is different when we drive a bus and we are not responsible only for ourselves. Then such frequent stops may be burdensome for the driver and passengers.

Frequent visits to petrol stations

We start with the issue mentioned at the beginning. If you think that visits to stations to refuel are too frequent and affect the smoothness of the entire ride, it’s time to invest in an enlarged fuel tank for the bus. Not only does it allow you to travel more kilometers, it also makes it easier to plan the entire route, because you do not have to take into account too many visits to stations and you can limit yourself to only a few. It also saves a lot of time, which we all care about.

High fuel costs

The enlarged fuel tank in the bus is not only more efficient, it is also an economical solution. This is due to the simple fact that with an enlarged tank, we are able to refuel where fuel prices are more favorable, or to avoid additional charges related to, for example, refueling abroad.

Driving comfort

When driving a bus, we are by default not alone in the vehicle. Then, not only the drivers, but also passengers, want to get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. Frequent refueling and stops can create unnecessary tension and frustration. Especially on longer journeys. It is worth investing in an enlarged fuel tank and thus increase the driving comfort associated with smooth and efficient driving. We assure you that a satisfied passenger will certainly be more likely to use our services again.

Insufficient capacity of the base tank

Finally, we want to mention a certain obviousness. Due to the benefits of an enlarged tank, customers often decide to install them immediately after purchasing a new delivery vehicle

or bus. Such vehicles are implicitly bought to cover routes counted even in thousands of kilometers. In such situations, an enlarged tank is actually a necessity. It is worth investing in one that will have all approvals and certificates. Our company offers only legal tanks and works with such vehicles as: Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, Iveco, Fiat, Citroen, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Scania, Daf.

These are the 4 signs your bus needs an enlarged tank. Of course, these are not all reasons why you should decide to take such a step, but I think that these 4 are convincing enough for you to consider of our offer.